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You want to determine the most popular person in the social network.
To do this, you will count the number of "2-friends" that each person has.
Person A is called a 2-friend of another person B 
if they are friends with each ther or 
if there exists some person C who is a friend of both A and B.
The most popular person is the person with the highest number of 2-friends. 
(There might be more than one if multiple people all have the maximal number of 2-firends.)
You are given a String[] friends, 
where the j-th character of the i-th element is 'Y' 
if person i and person j are friends, and 'N' otherwise.
Return the number of 2-friends of the most popular person in this social network.

var freinds : [String] = ["NYNNN", "YNYNN", "NYNYN", "NNYNY", "NNNYN"]
var length : Int = freinds[0].characters.count
var maxCount : Int = 0
var fCount : Int = 0

for i in 0...freinds.count-1{
    fCount = 0
    for j in 0...length-1{
        if i == j {
        if Array(freinds[i].characters)[j] == "Y" {
            fCount += 1
            for k in 0...length-1{
                if Array(freinds[j].characters)[k] == "Y" && Array(freinds[k].characters)[i] == "Y" {
                    fCount += 1
    maxCount = max(fCount, maxCount)